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Dungeon Master's Stash

Trenon • Orc Fighter

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Trenon was the liberated name this Orc chose to take upon himself. To name himself after the king of Belfrie that chose to welcome Orcs with open arms, rather than the aristocrats of Baldur who would see him enveloped in chains.

The heights of this mini are as follows.

Without base With Base
32mm 40.60 mm 42.80 mm
50mm 63.77 mm 66.97 mm
75mm 95.17 mm 102.34 mm


This model is suitable for use as character mini for players of tabletop role playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder and others.

This character is part of the Pursuit of a Renegade Prince Campaign

Dungeon Master's Stash

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