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Dungeon Master's Stash

Rybeck • Foot Soldier

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Rybeck is one of the newest members of Fang Squadron. A spindly man from Formen, though boasting a background as a Duskweave Veteran. He thought The Golden Griffins would be a cakewalk of simple mercenary work. Naive were his thoughts, as though he fought in Duskweave, only a single engagement against shambling undead. The battles of The Golden Griffins were long and gruelling. Even before the Liturium War began it seemed as though every week his life was on the line against a new threat.

The heights of this mini are as follows.

Without base With Base
32mm 32.42 mm 33.02 mm
50mm 50.92 mm 53.16 mm
75mm 75.99 mm 79.12 mm


This model is suitable for use as character mini for players of tabletop role playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder and others.

This character is part of the Pursuit of a Renegade Prince Campaign

Dungeon Master's Stash

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  • This model may be  available in different sizes to suit your individual needs. If you need a model in a size other than what is offered, please contact us and we can discuss your options.
  • This model may come in separate pieces and require assembly. We recommend using cyanoacrylate glue or 5 minute epoxy to assemble. We use Starbond Medium Cyanoacrylate. For added strength, pins can be used to assist in connecting some of the parts together. Gap filler can be used to fill any gaps and smooth out connection seams. A good product for this is Green Stuff Sculpting Putty.
  • Resin printing requires the use of supports. We remove the supports and clean up the support marks from the model, prior to performing the final cure. While we strive to remove and smooth out all artifacts from the supports used for printing, however, there may be some artifacts that we miss. A little light cleaning/sanding should easily take care of any remaining marks.
  • Models are made to order, we have a 1-2 week processing time. This time helps ensure we do not rush and provide the highest quality product.